Hospitality Training

Hospitality is our passion and we want to share our love and knowledge with you. We have a wide range of knowledge bases ranging from hospitality management to high end bartending and further. We thoroughly enjoy working in all aspects of hospitality, however the most satisfying experience is training new staff members and seeing them excel at their job.

We offer a fun and hands on Hospitality Training course with tips and tricks how to make your new career fun and easy. This will help you to excel at your job or to help you find employment in this vibrant industry.

The Crash-course

This course will give you a head start to get a new job, build confidence and teach you new skill sets.

The basic course will be around 3 hours and we will teach you all the basics to get you started as a waiter/bartender.
The cost is $78 per person. We need a minimum of 5 people to get the course started. Please inquire about the next course schedule.

For further courses or more specific training please contact us directly.

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